This refund & cancellation policy is applicable on all bookings for holiday rentals by Finca Siesta SL, Barrio El Velerín 269-270 - 29680 Estepona – Spain, with CIF: B29872900 & licensia turistica: VTAR/MA/01938 and represented by director Mr. Remo Costa.

  1. Bookings can be made through one of our partner platforms (AirBnb,, …) or direct with Finca Siesta.  In case of booking over a partner platform, their Cancellation & Refund Policy is applicable and will overrule ours

  2. A  booking can only be accepted by Finca Siesta after payment of the full rental fee + safety deposit.  Booking where not the whole amount was received, is not seen as definitive and can be cancelled by Finca Siesta at any time.  Refund off the received amount will be done within 7 days after Cancellation by Finca Siesta SL

  3. In case a booking was not fully paid, the calendar remains open on the Finca Siesta SL website and booking platforms and the requested period can be booked by others, leading to the cancellation of the non-completed booking.

  4. Cancellation by the client is only possible at latest 30 days before planned arrival date and is applicable to a cancellation fee. 

    For bookings in High Season (Semana Santa, 15/06 till 15/09 and 15/12 till 15/01) the cancellation fee is 40% of the total booking amount.

    For bookings in Low Season (all other periods), the cancellation fee is 25% of the total booking amount.

    1. Example: You have a booking with arrival date on 5th of August, the total booking price is 2200 EUR.  You cancel at latest 5th of July, the amount of 880 EUR cancellation fee will be deducted.

    1. Example: You have a booking with arrival date on 2nd of May, the total booking price is 1200 EUR.  You can cancel at latest 2nd of April, the amount of 300 EUR cancellation fee will be deducted.

  5. Cancellation by Finca Siesta is only possible in case of:
    1. Non paid bookings
    1. No identification of the client (obligatory by Spanish low to have ID / Passport copies from all guests above the age of 12)
    1. Fraude by the client
    1. Technical problems that would make a normal rental impossible
    1. Legal cases by the Spanish or local government that would prevent Finca Siesta to rent out the holiday rentals
    1. External reasons out of Finca Siestas hands that would make a rental impossible

  6. The payment of reservations can be done with following payment methods:

    1. Online reservation system with Stripe
    1. Online reservation system with PayPal
    1. Payment link sent by Finca Siesta reservation department
    1. Bank transfer to the Finca Siesta official bank account
    1. Cash at Finca Siesta against payment receipt

  7. Finca Siestas partner booking platforms have a strict(er) cancellation policy, please refer to the platforms policy before booking with them.

  8. Every direct booking with Finca Siesta (over the online reservation system on, over telephone or email) is subject to these rules.  Clients confirm to have read and understood these rules before booking.  When making a reservation, the customer agrees to the booking rules.

  9. For all discussions and legal disputes, only the courts of Marbella and/or Malaga are competent